How to Select A Welding Glove

[Blog] You asked us the most important considerations in selecting a welding glove. Find out what characteristics we recommend considering for selecting the proper welding glove…

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Product Spotlight
Magid T-ROC Touchscreen Glove

Magid’s new touchscreen gloves give you the ability to protect your hands while using a smartphone or touchscreen enabled tablet. We received many requests from customers for a product that would allow them to work on their iPhone or Android phone while wearing gloves, this is our answer.

  • Compatible with all touchscreen devices
  • Form-fitting for dexterity and accuracy
  • Polyurethane dipped palm for extra grip
  • Electro-conductive copper and nylon blend liner
  • Great for; Hand Tools, Construction and Materials Handling
  • Won 2012 Retailer’s Choice Award
  • Winner of ISHN 2013 Readers’ Choice Award for the Hand Protection – General Purpose category
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A leading forestry equipment manufacturer:

“The relationship we have with Magid is not your typical supplier relationship, it is more of a partnership. They come in and learn our business. Magid has a good understanding of our needs and wants so that they can help us resolve issues and find solutions quickly.”

T.B. – Safety Director

A leading glass fabrication company:

“Our Magid sales rep helped us to find one of Magid’s multi-purpose ROC Gloves [style PF540] that was cut-resistant and low-linting. This one glove answered all of our needs.”

S.I. – Laminating Manager

A leading tractor manufacturer:

“With the Magid ROC GP150 Work Glove we are saving over 19% on hand protection. That is significant.”

L.B. – Technical Associate

A leading automobile parts manufacturer:

“Not only is Magid more affordable and the products they offer of a higher quality, their delivery service is unbeatable. Our supplies are always here when we need them.”

D.C. – Storeroom Attendant

A leading tractor manufacturer:

“We saved nearly $100,000 annually by switching to two Magid ROC [glove] products. Style GP150 saved us $30,000 annually and with the PU50, we saved $61,000. Magid has definitely evolved right along with us.”

J.L. – Supply Management Specialist

A leading steel manufacturer:

“If the protective garments are comfortable, the workers don’t mind wearing them all the time. Magid Sparkguard greens are made of cotton, so they’re lightweight and keep the workers cool. I’ve gotten lots of good feedback from employees.”

C.F. – Safety Coordinator
Featured Material
Kevlar 1
What It Does 2
Who Kevlar Benefits 3


Kevlar is a para-aramid yarn with high-tensile strength that is an estimated five times stronger per weight than steel. Kevlar offers heat and flame resistance in addition to cut protection.

Magid-Kevlar-GloveMagid-Kevlar-Glove-with-Grey Magid-Kevlar-Cape-SleeveMagid-Kevlar-Sleeve  Kevlar benefits anyone who works in an industry where cut protection is a necessity. Kevlar also delivers excellent heat resistance. When exposed to hot surfaces and sharp objects, workers need PPE that is going to stand up to challenges. And Kevlar stands tall as the perferred solution for many industries, including:

Manufacturing, steel production, metal fabrication, printing and packaging, glass manufacturing, industrial machinery, automotive, construction, aerospace, electronics and assembly.

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